Friday, May 9, 2008

Frugal Friday Boast

So today I don't have a tip, but I do have a frugal boast. I was so so happy after leaving the grocery store today. I had $40 cash to buy my groceries, I'm using cash to keep our grocery budget in check and it works really well but today I had my doubts. I went shopping with a half finished list and a wandering mind. My cart just kept getting fuller and fuller, I was so afraid that I would have to whip out the debit card and fess up to my grocery budget woes or put something back. During the check out process it turned out that I bought the wrong brand tuna for my coupon, which just added to my mental stress. I put the tuna back but my total rang up at $60 and some change. I hoped and prayed that my coupons would bring down the total and praise the Lord after all my coupons were scanned my total was only $37.92 well within my $40 cash budget and enough left over to tip the bagger. I was so glad, it makes cutting coupons worth it. At the bottom of my receipt it said I saved 38%, so much for getting all worked up. In the future though I will be making it a point to have a more detailed list and make good use of my calculator, there's no need for me to get all worked up and stressed about my grocery bill.

Read about Crystal's attendance to Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover Live Event (I'm so jealous, I want to see Dave Ramsey too!) and more frugal Friday tips.


Suzanne said...

Wow! What a great savings! I'm impressed!

Liisa said...

That is wonderful! I always find it encouraging to hear about others doing well in this area!


Jamie said...

Great job Rachel, I am so impressed!