Saturday, March 1, 2008

Birthday Banner

We're celebrating Greg's birthday late this year. Because it's late I want it to be extra special. What better way to make a celebration more festive than by adding decorations. Greg would never permit me to go out and buy decorations especially for his birthday, so using the few supplies I could muster up I made a birthday banner, The idea for a banner was tucked away in the back of my mind inspired by Tracy's window decor at Notes from a Cottage Industry. This little guy is ultra simple made only with paper, double stick tape, a sharpie marker, and some dental floss. With the scrap papers I made some paper flowers to cover up the ugly tape I used to hang it, I'll have to come up with a better solution later, I'm not sure the tape will hold up for long. When our shipment of household goods arrive I'll spoof it up with some pretty ribbon. My banner should fold up nicely for other birthdays to come. We won't be celebrating til next week, but I can't wait that long, once his birthday presents arrive (ordered online) I'll wrap them up and place them under the banner. I think the area will look really great.

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