Saturday, March 29, 2008

Orange Cupcakes!

We went to a BBQ about two weeks ago, and these orange cupcakes were a big hit. People couldn't believe that the candied oranges were real oranges rind and all. The cupcakes are just a basic white cake recipe with orange zest and orange juice added to the batter.

The candied oranges are super easy to make, just simmer sliced oranges in sugar water until the peels turn translucent, I tossed my orange slices in sugar after they were cooled and dried. My inspiration for candied oranges were taken from a Cooking Light recipe here, Obviously I changed it a bit. I think the candied oranges taste better than the gummy kind you buy at a candy shop. You could also candy lemons and limes.


Jamie said...

Wow...I'm super impressed with these! Maybe I'll try them sometime, I think Aunt Barb would be impressed too.

Michele said...

Ooh- You're right- this does look like a great alternative to those gummy candies! :) Hopefully, I'll get to try making these!
Michele :)