Saturday, March 29, 2008

Frugal Shower Caddy

This post was recommended by my husband, who thought that my idea was fantastic, he thought it should be on Works for me Wednesday, but I'm a little late so Frugal Fridays it is. Honestly I think it's ugly and not real classy but it's working for us right now.
We live in a VERY humid climate, mold and mildew is an issue, and it's recommend that we dry out the shower after each use. To make drying the shower easier I didn't want to have shampoo bottles and such stored on the bath tub ledge and I know from past experience the bottoms of shampoo bottles get all mildewy and leave rings behind when left on the tub ledge. I really wanted a fancy shower caddy, but couldn't find one less than $12 and Greg hates buying "unnecessary" things. Of course I whined about it for a long time, thinking that a shower caddy was necessary and he was being unfair because he doesn't clean the shower and I do. Once I got over my bad attitude about not buying stuff I thought we needed, I decided to make do with what we had at home. I took a plastic flower pot left over from an a house plant that was recently replanted, I drilled a hole it in and hung it on a hook. The pot fits three bottles nicely and has built in drainage holes, if it gets mildewy I can just throw it in the dishwasher. If I ever come across some cheap spray paint I would like to paint it, but it's not really needed. My re-purposed plant pot was a good solution for us, I got my shower caddy albeit it ugly and we didn't spend any money (keeping the husband happy).

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Michele said...

I think your flowerpot might actually work better than my "pretty" shower caddy! It would never stay on the showerhead, and would fall on us while showering. (What a pain!) It now hangs from the shower curtain rod! :)

I like the hooks you have in the shower! Maybe I should try something like that.
Michele :)