Sunday, March 2, 2008

I won a prize!

Last night I received a last minute invite to go to dinner with a few other Navy wives, and I'm glad I went. I met several new people, and had a real good time. Plus I took home a door prize. OK it's not that big of a deal because everyone who went to dinner walked away with something, but hey that doesn't diminish the thrill any. When my name was drawn I picked out the candles because I could see what I was getting, it was wrapped in clear cellophane. I really wanted the grand prize a big basket filled with pampered chef tools and goodies, but who am I to be greedy, I'm still pretty pleased with my candles. I opened and set up the diffuser as soon as I got home, it's too cute and releases a lot of scent. I might tuck away the candles in my gift box and repurpose them as a gift, I'm not sure yet sometimes it's nice just to enjoy something and not stash it away for a future gift.
There was also a few raffle baskets, I spent $3 on 3 tickets for one of the baskets because it had the cutest copper cookie cutters in the shape of an anchor and submarine, I never buy raffle tickets but I wanted them so badly. I may just try and hunt them down and order online, I hope their not to pricey, I'm already imagining the cutest anchor and submarine sugar cookies. I tell you what it's easy for me to toss aside my frugal ways when it comes to cute kitchen things and making cute cookies. It's a good thing Greg can reign me in and it's a good thing I suffer from sticker shock after all most of my stuff is bought second-hand. We'll see about those cookies cutters, for now I'm pretty pleased with a nice evening out and a prize to boot.

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Jamie said...

Sounds like it was a fun evening out. I'm glad you are already meeting new people and making friends.