Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Keeping a Recipe Binder

Keeping a recipe binder has been one of the best things I could do as a home cook. When I started keeping a binder with recipes it was a place for me to store printed out recipes and my monthly menu plans. It has morphed into something so much better. I no longer print out my menu plans, I didn't reference them anyways and it's all saved on my computer. What's in my Recipe binder is every successful and favorite recipe. No more searching through cook books and no more long internet searches looking for a recipe, it's all in the book. Only tried and true recipes make it in the binder. Most recipes are printed from internet sites, some I've re-typed from a cookbook, and some are torn from the back of food packages. If I try a new recipe and it turns out great the recipe goes in the binder along with the date and any notes about changes I've made. I use tabs to organize the recipes, the tabs have labels such as Chicken, Breads, Salads, Soups, Breakfast, and so forth. This recipe binder is such a great way to keep recipes organized. If get stuck when planning my menus I often browse my recipe binder, I always stumble across a recipe that has not been made in awhile and was a favorite. It's especially helpful to read my notes on the recipe page, some recipes even have a cost per serving calculated, I haven't done that for all of the recipes, but it's nice to see.

I heartily recommend starting your own recipe binder filled with your own tried and true recipes, it will become the most referenced and well used tool in the kitchen.

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Jamie said...

I really need to do this! I have a drawer full of recipes that I have printed from the internet, it is a real pain to look through them.

Wish you were here to have BBQ Chicken salad or pizzas on the grill with us!

Brenda said...

I have been thinking about doing this. This will be my next project.

Jessie's Attic said...

This is something that will be truly beneficial for my household! I usually store all my recipes on my computer, but I don't always want to log on to my comp to look for a favorite recipe. I will have to do this. :) Thank you!

Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home said...

I have a recipe binder, but it's not nearly as organized as it should be. :) One thing I haven't really thought to do is to copy my favorite recipes from my recipe books as well. What I've done instead is make a list of all those favorite recipes, including which book they're from and the page number, and I keep that in the front of my recipe binder. This generally works well for me.

I love how cute your binder is- you've inspired me to want to decorate mine and make it a little more fun! Thanks for sharing!

Sonshine said...

I have a recipe binder but I need to organize it better. I keep all the recipes that I use on a regular basis to the front. Those I want to try I put towards the back and have the like type dishes together but do not have dividers in it!

Thanks for sharing!