Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday - Backwards Edition

This week instead of a tip we are asking questions. Sounds like fun, I can't wait to read what others are asking. Me? I have all sorts of questions but I'll keep it to just one. Here we go:

How do you take care of tile flooring?

I've had a tile floor before, (tiled it myself in fact) that was one little room, this time around We've moved into a house with all tile floor, not one foot of carpeting anywhere. Carpet's easy-you vacuum and you're done. Tile on the other hand, hmmm. I hate to have to mop the whole house, and what to mop with? how about a dust mop? what about all the stuff the get's stuck in between the grout lines. Ukkk! help!
I want to know the best procedure for keeping my tile floors clean, and I want to know the easiest, quickest, and most frugal way to do so.

suggestions anyone?

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Kim said...

I mostly just sweep or swiffer my tile floors. If my socks start sticking to the floor then I mop :) I only have one older kid so it tends to last a long time before the stickinesss happens.

Tamara said...

I just found your site and I hagve enjoyed looking around.

I have cement floors, but have had tile floors in the past. I use my vacuum cleaner on the cement (and did the same on tile). It's easier than sweeping, because the dust and hair don't fly away from the vacuum. I mop with a regular string mop, but use a swiffer wetjet between moppings. On tile (which I still have in my bathroom), I sometimes have to get down on hands & knees and use a scrub brush on the grout. You can also leave a very wet rag on a tough spot, allowing time for the moisture to break down the dried substance. I have a few ugly rags I use for this purpose, then drop them into the washer with hot water. I actually find hard surfaced floors easier to keep "truly" clean. Carpet just masks the gunk!