Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cookie Coating

I thought of this tip as I was trying to quickly make snicker doodle cookies the other day for a gift. Normally I take balls of cookie dough and roll them around on a plate of cinnamon sugar, I found it much much quicker to dump all the balls of dough in a large zip top bag add in cinnamon and sugar and toss. The cookies were evenly coated in a matter of seconds. My cookie dough was frozen, if you tried this with freshly made cookie dough the balls would stick to each other.

I was so pleased with how this worked, plus the left over cinnamon sugar can be stored in the bag for another use.

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Candace said...

What a great time saver, thanks!

Tanya :) said...

What a neat tip! Thanks for sharing! :)

Jamie said...

How clever, that is a great tip! Your snicker doodles are the best!!!