Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Folding Towels

I was thinking a little too hard to come up with a Works for me Wednesday tip, and than it hit me as I was folding laundry how much I like folding towels, I'm a little compulsive about my towels, I like them to be uniform and neatly put away in the closet. I've got my towel folding down to a science and I thought my method would be perfect for sharing on Wednesday, after all it works for me.

I don't have a matching towel set, we own a whopping 9 bath towels in three different styles, thankfully they are all white or beige colored, so they look somewhat cohesive.

Here's how I fold my towels:

1. Fold in half (hamburger style)
2. Fold in thirds (hot dog style) like folding a letter
3. Fold in half (hamburger style)

This method is so easy I love how it gives the towels a uniform look when put away.

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Tina in Thailand said...

Yeah, another one who likes her towels a particular way. I get ribbed often at our house for my penchant for properly folded towels.
I fold mine nearly the same way, but fold them in half the hotdog way and then in thirds the second hamburger way.
I see you have put them away properly too, with the fold facing out, not the ends.
Happy folding!

Edi said...

I too enjoy folding towels...when I was a teenager I volunteered at a hospital and sometimes ended up in the laundry room folding towels...they had to be folded a special way so that to open them up you just grabbed a little corner.

For a long time I folded my towels like that.

Now I have a little helper - so sometimes the towels are folded funny :)

Mom2fur said...

Hotdogs and hamburgers--you're too funny.
I fold mine a little differently. First I fold it in thirds the long way, so that I end up with a long piece. Then I fold the two short ends towards the middle, and then fold the towel in half. I think I saw this on Martha Stewart once. Whatever, it looks nice!