Thursday, April 17, 2008

Making homemade sandwich rolls

Making bread is cheaper and healthier than store bought bread and it's easier than you think.
Yesterday, made some good looking and super tasty sandwich rolls. Most of them will go in the freezer for future meals and a few will be saved for lunches this weekend, I was thinking tuna sandwiches but the rolls look just right for some French dips, so who knows.

These rolls were made from a hamburger bun recipe, I shaped them into rectangles resembling a sandwich roll (think hoagie or sub sandwich) I sprinkled the tops with sesames seeds and ran a paring knife down the middle of each roll before baking to give the tops the split look that bakery rolls have.

I spent a whopping 15 minutes of "work" on these rolls (quite possibly less). I used my bread machine (bought from a thrift store for $5, given to me by my mom) I dumped in all the ingredients and let the machine do the rest, just before the machine was ready to "bake" I stopped it, removed the dough, shaped the rolls and baked them in my oven.
It's true that the total time to make bread can be hours, which requires a little bit of planning ahead, but actual working time is not much at all and it's reduced even less with the help of a bread machine.

My Frugal Friday Tip is to bake your own bread. Homemade bread is a fraction the cost of store bought and with twice the taste it's worth every bit of effort.

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Anonymous said...

Ever since I've given up bread, I can hardly stand seeing stuff like that you just made. They look incredible - with emphasis on the edible!!! ;-)

Beth said...

You make everything look so good, and seem so easy. I am so impressed with the home you have made for you and your hubby.
We miss you tons,