Friday, April 11, 2008

Frugal Scrapbooking - Use what you have.

It's spring break for me and I've been cleaning up the house and scrap booking. I'm just a few pages shy of finishing up our Key West Vacation photos. Today as I was cleaning up my scrap booking mess, (so much for a clean craft room) I realized that I did not purchase a single thing to scrapbook, I seem to always run the craft store to pick up something special for whatever scrap booking project I'm doing. Today's frugal tip is a no brainier but here it is USE WHAT YOU HAVE.
I used my computer to print out a few signs and labels for my pages as I always do but I did not purchase new paper, stickers, stamps, or new crafting toy.

One big tip that helps me is keeping a box of scrap paper, I never throw away paper, even the smallest scrap can be used for a tag.

Getting photos out of the shoe box and into an album : a few days and $0
Preserving memories for your children's children : priceless

It's been a nice week off and a frugal one at that.

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Also, since I've been cleaning up and crafting I couldn't help but go through old projects. Here are a few photos from my wedding album which took more than a few days but I'm awfully proud of it.


Mom2fur said...

It looks like you did a beautiful job on your album!
Do you know there are free sources for scrapbook goodies on line? Try "Digiscrap Depot" or "Ikea Goddess" for starters. They have links to sites and blogs offering free downloads. Of course, when you print things out you'll be paying for the ink and paper, but it will still be cheaper than buying stuff! And there is a lot of good stuff to be found out there!

BarbaraLee said...

DD & I got old wallpaper books from the paint store and used the pic from them. It looks really cute.

Niki said...

Great tip!

Love your wedding album..I did my own too!